RIP Dear Friend


Newton, a friend to all fell ill to Chronic Kidney Disease in early Dec. 2012. A routine teeth cleaning, with an optional box clicked for bloodwork brought to light what Newton had been a victim of for quite some time. Very stoic, our dear boy never complained, whined or gave any indication, which is why our world was shattered when we found out the terrible news. His life span went from an estimated 4 yrs, to 6 months to 1 week… 1 WEEK!

How do you fit in a lifetime of gratitude, a lifetime of love and affection in just 1 short week. We brought him home and tried.

The last week of his life was full of love, visitors, amazing food and most of all us. He had us with him every step of the way, until his last.

I know all owners say this about their dogs – but he was special. To know him, to even meet him was instant love. He smiled all the time, his love for people, other animals and life was infectious. Newton was the perfect companion, able to go anywhere and more – Wanting to go everywhere.

I take from him a lifetime of love, life lessons about kindness, gratitude, loyalty and above all – pure love. He was my very best friend, the true love of me and my fiance. We miss him every day.


R.I.P my very dear friend – Yours Forever,






Newton: August 29, 2010 – Dec. 20, 2012




Our attempt at a family portrait.. It may not look it, but they are loved :)

Our attempt at a family portrait.. It may not look it, but they are loved 🙂

You know that moment when you want some alone time,  when BAM your cat headbutts your face, or you get a face lick from your pooch.  Another of my faves, the whining call of your cat waking you from a dead sleep at 4 am because they want FRESH cat food? The “presents” they bring home and further the vet visits are never ending.

I say, suck it up. I even have to tell myself this at 4 am sometimes. Welcome to being a pet owner.

Pets really do make my life better. I know they can be annoying, needy and cause weird smells and fur EVERYWHERE…

They also give me strength, humor, unconditional love, respect, loyalty, a shoulder to always turn to and the happiest greeting at your front door EVER. How can you not feel special with a greeting like that…

Then there are these eyes…

yep, these eyes

yep, these eyes

I am thankful for my pets pretty much every day. I cannot imagine life without animals. I love my friends and family, but animals enrich my life even further.


I’m not the best pet owner that ever lived, but I do not take time with them for granted. These furry little angels will not be in my life forever, so enjoy the little moments and when the time comes for us to part I can feel comfortable that I gave you the best life I could.

So go on –  hug, pet and treat your furry friends to a little added attention today.  Remember they didn’t choose to be in your life, you chose them.

They deserve that extra 30 mins of your time today.